Jorgensen Albums

Jorgensen Albums

The Jorgensen name is today synonymous with beautifully appointed, prestige class photographic albums. Jorgensen is the leading choice of professional photographers world-wide.


Please recognize that the albums can not be ordered in this webshop, because a lot of sized, front-covers, materials and other options are available. 

To order your perfect Jorgensen Album, you have to download the Jorgensen Album Designer Software

To choose your perfect album it is possible to order the Jorgensen Swatch Folder further down.  It is very helpful to decide which material you like use to make your album unique.

The following information is only to give you can overview about our offer on Jorgensen Albums, further information and images you can find on our website or on



We offer 3 Album Collections of Jorgensen:


1. the Jorgensen Pro Collection

The Pro Collection is designed to offer the ultimate custom designed album.
Each and every album you order is unique, from cover materials to personalised photo covers and embossing. 

In this collection you can choose between three different albums: the Art Album, the Styla Album and the round-spine Pro-Bound Album with protective edges.




2. the Komplett Collection plus Fine Art

The Komplet collection is an inexpensive range of handcrafted bespoke albums that focuses on value for money, without sacrificing quality. All albums of this collection include a complete print and bind service which frees you up to focus on your art and customers.


To this collection belong the Digital Album and the Fusion Album, which is a combination of a classic mat-album and a modern digital-album.



3. the Studio Collection

This collection is the most romantic. It is perfect to present your parent albums, portraits and commercial photography. 


The albums are at an afforable price, but the sizes and the amount of pages are fix.





How can I order the Jorgensen Albums?


1. Download the Jorgensen Album Designer Software first on this website


2. Do you have questions or you want a quick instruction in this software? Call us!


3. Order the album which suits best. We can offer you a sample discount of 20%.

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